Ask Beatty – 09.17.19


My Weekly Reminder.....Be Mindful of How You are Living Your Life!
Every week the first 10 minutes of my ASK BEATTY SHOW summarizes all of the things that we need to DO to keep ourselves emotionally, psychologically and physically healthy.
1.  In the last 48 hours have you been engaging in activities that are good for you or have you been engaging in behaviors and relationships that are destructive and self-destructive to your well-being?  Be honest with yourself.
If you are being good to yourself, continue to do so.  If not, when and what steps  are you you prepared to take to put your life and your relationships on a more positive course?
2.    My guests today are Jane H. Goldman and Cheryl Benton.
Jane is a renaissance woman and is the author of With No Regrets-Getting Older"  Face It, Live It, Love It, published by Three Tomatoes Publishing (2019).  Jane reveals universal fears and thoughts about growing older and freeing ourselves from the expectations of others. For a number of years, Jane was General- Counsel Vice President of Warner Bros Distributing Corporation and thereafter, litigation counsel to its parent company Time Warner Inc. She now pursues and lives her passions which include painting, sculpting, music and writing.  She also won a Drama Desk Award as associate producer of the long running show Celebrity Autobiography, which recent had its Broadway debut.  She earned her law degree from NYU.
Cheryl is the founder/publisher of the Three Tomatoes, a lifestyle media platform for grownup women, which she started after a successful career in advertising.  Three Tomatoes celebrates women at every age and stage of our lives.  She is the author of a novel, Can You See Us Now? and co-author of Martini Wisdom. She recently launched the Three Tomatoes Publishing Services to help women get published.  "Women's voices and stories, especially as we get older, need to be told", says Benton.

Ask Beatty – 09.09.19


Today's show deals with the reality of divorce including.:
1.  Changing divorce trends in the past 20 years.
2.  Do men and women divorce for different reasons?
3.  Are more women initiating divorce?
4 . Custody and Visitation
5.  How to divorce-proof your marriage.
Beatty's guest today is Dan Stock, a matrimonial trial lawyer who has amassed more than 20 years experience as a divorce lawyer in New York City and Westchester.  He has handled every conceivable type of divorce case, from the most basic to complex, high-net worth international divorces. In addition to being a matrimonial trial lawyer, Dan is a Collaborative Divorce attorney, taking cases where a mediated, softer approach is called for. He is a 4-term member of the prestigious New York City Bar Association Matrimonial Law Committee, a New York State Supreme Court neutral evaluator and a panelist on the Women's  Bar Association pro bono project.
He can be reached at 475-232-4105.
To Life and Love, 

Ask Beatty – 08.20.19


1.  The real  dangers of not dealing with our 'unfinished  business'.  Think... the mass shooters, Jeffrey Epstein  and maybe even YOU.
2.  Constructive examples of HOW to deal with our skeletons in the closet enable us to finally live in the moment.
3.  Is menopause the culprit for women's lack of sexual desire?  If your answer is yes, think again!

Ask Beatty – 08.13.19


1.  How early identification of mental  health issues and early intervention can save your life and the lives of others. 
2.  Update on the psychological profile of mass shooters...They Share a Hatred Toward Women. 
3.  DON'T BLAME THE DOG .My guest today is Elvis Harvey, a professional dog trainer who has developed a very unique methodology for training  dogs. 
To Life and Love, 

Ask Beatty – 08.06.19


1.  Acknowledge, Address and Resolve your mental health  issues as Early on as Possible.
2.  The weekend of 2 Mass Shootings. 
3.  What we know about the shooters 
4. How Trump and conservatives ignite and 
        rouse hate.  WORDS MATTER
5.   Research Since 1966...Here's What We've
        Learned About Mass Shooters.
         To Life and Love, 

Ask Beatty – 07.30.19


1.  Mental Illness is not just a chemical imbalance. 
2.  Beatty's case histories from her practice.
3.  7 ingredients to building healthy relationships.
4.  Are you doing what is in your best interest as you navigate your life?  If not why not?  Do you have a plan to begin to acknowledge, address and resolve your issues?
To Life and Love, 

Ask Beatty – 07.22.19


1.  Asking for help.  Why is it still so difficult for the majority of men and women?
2.  The 1 Thing That Will Make You Happier  is......
3.  Is Love Standing in the way of a feminist future?  My guest today is Nona Willia-Aronowitz, author, editor and daughter of Ellen Willis and Stanley Aronowitz.  She has been a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute,  worked as an education and poverty reporter at NBC  News Digital and worked as an associate editor at GOOD magazine. As of 2017 she was the featured editor for Splinter and is featured in the feminist history film She's Beautiful When She's Angry. 
To Life and Love  

Ask Beatty – 07.09.19


1. Assessing your life and your relationships. Are you living the life that you want?  If not why not?  What changes do you need to make?  And if you are not sure, are you willing to seek professional help?
2.  3 Things you can do TODAY if you are feeling exhausted. 
3.  Suicide statistics.   Are you at risk?
4.  Parenting 101 in the digital age. 
To Life and Love, 

Ask Beatty – 07.01.19


1.  Are you staying the course?  Are you doing what is in your best interest or are you engaging in self-sabatoging, self-destructive or destructive behavior?  Take my weekly test and find out.
2.  My guest today is Dr. Norman Wyloge, a New York City psychoanalyst with over 50 years of clinical experience.  His specialties include corporate stress, post traumatic stress disorder  and issues driving people to overeat.   He is particularly interested in the effects of divorce on men, particularly in long term marriages.
To Life and Love, 

Ask Beatty – 06.25.19


1.  Are you taking care of yourself emotionally and physically or are you guilty of intentional neglect and ignorance.   Take my test and find out.
2.  INFIDELITY.   A shifting dynamics of desire in a time of changing gender roles has created a hell of a lot of psychic upheaval in marriages.
My guest today is New York  City divorce attorney Robert Dobrish, who is seeing a new phenomenon:  men who fully participate in a marriage, but whose wives then have affairs, seek divorce and custody of the kids. What's going on?
3.  Don't miss my panel...Sex, Sexy, Patriarchy and FEMINISM at the Left Form in New York  City on Saturday,  June 29th at 12:30 p.m. My panelists are Naomi Snider. co-author with Carol Gilligan of Why Patriarchy Persists? and Pearl's Daily, burlesque artist and actor.
To Life and Love, 

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