Ask Beatty - 03.01.21


1.  BEATTYY'S REMINDERS.  Are you mindful of living your day to day life in ways that are in your best interest?  

2.  Giving Advice That People Want To Take
3.  Seniors and Romance in Assisted Living Facilities
4.  Allen v. Farrow.  A balanced discussion about HBO's docuseries with Jim Vrettos, Sociologist and host of The Radical Imagination.


Ask Beatty - 02.22.21


1.  Are you continuing to DO all of the things (or at least most of the things) EVERY DAY that help to promote physical and mental well-being?

2.  My guest today is Dr. Hugh Melnick, a Reproductive Endocrinologist, Founder of Advanced Fertility Services, the first outpatient In Vitro Fertilization center in New York City and a specialist in the treatment of Hypothyroidism, Menopause, In Vitro Fertilization and Ovarian Rejuvenation.  He is one of the first physicians in the world to use platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy for the treatment of menopausal symptoms, intimacy issues and age related infertility.   Dr. Melnick is the author of "The Pregnancy Prescription", a guide for couples navigating the tortuous road of infertility treatments in their quest to give birth and is recognized as a TOP DOCTOR by Castle Connolly Medical and US News and World Reports annual Physician Rankings.  This is a MUST-LISTEN TO INTERVIEW!

Ask Beatty - 02.15.21


1.  Are you being mindful of all the things that you can DO every day to help you to feel better emotionally, psychologically, physically and sexually? Take my test and find out.
2.  Beatty answers listener's emails about love, dating, divorce, depression, sex, chemistry, etc.

Ask Beatty - 02.08.21


1.  Being good to ourselves takes self-discipline.  Are you doing what is in your best interest every       day?

2.  Dear Beatty Letters From Listeners.
To Love and Life,

Ask Beatty - 01.25.21


1.  Activities, behaviors and relationships that are in your best interest.

2.  Beatty answers listeners questions and calls about depression, sex and relationships.
3.  The Power of Positive Thinking Works Only if You.......

Ask Beatty - 01.18.21


1.  Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday.  Policies and individual acts of kindness that help to create a more loving, compassionate and just society.

2.  Are you dealing with your own individual and family issues?  Or are you 'stuck'?  Weekly reminders of all of the things that we can DO that are within our control to move forward and improve the quality of our lives and relationships?
3.  Beginning January 25th 2021, you can call me during the show with any questions, problems, challenges that you are facing.  The call-in number is 888-874-4888
4.  Psychics and Tik Tok Therapists...Be Careful!!!  Tips for finding a Qualified Therapist.
To Life and Love and Justice for All,

Ask Beatty - 01.11.21


1.  Forget the Resolutions:  Looking Back for Lessons. 

 2.  Week 3......Are you doing what is in your best interest?
 3.  Making Amends.... 

Ask Beatty - 01.04.21


1.  New Beginnings.  Whose life are you living?  Your parents? Your friends?  Societies? The media?   Steps to figuring out the authentic YOU!

2.  Are you being good to yourself?  Take my test and find out.
3.  Warren Buffet Says This 1 Simple Habit separates Successful People From Everyone Else.
To Life and Love,

Ask Beatty - 12.28.20


This show is dedicated to my late mother EDITH SAIR of Winnipeg, Canada
1.  TAKING STOCK OF YOUR LIFE.. Where I am.  Where I want to be.  Blocks.  Overcoming the  blocks.   New beginnings.

 2.  Unfinished Business..Yours and Your Relationship With Others

 3.  Never Make a Mistake in Love Again.  The 10-step formula, based on my research, book, FOR BETTER FOR WORSE FOREVER:  DISCOVER THE PATH TO LASTING LOVE and over 35 years of clinical experience. 
To Life and Love and to a Wonderful 2021

Ask Beatty - 12.21.20


1.  What Lessons Have We Learned in 2020?.

2.  How many of these lessons have we incorporated into our lives?
To Life and Love  

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