Ask Beatty – 07.09.19


1. Assessing your life and your relationships. Are you living the life that you want?  If not why not?  What changes do you need to make?  And if you are not sure, are you willing to seek professional help?
2.  3 Things you can do TODAY if you are feeling exhausted. 
3.  Suicide statistics.   Are you at risk?
4.  Parenting 101 in the digital age. 
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Ask Beatty – 07.01.19


1.  Are you staying the course?  Are you doing what is in your best interest or are you engaging in self-sabatoging, self-destructive or destructive behavior?  Take my weekly test and find out.
2.  My guest today is Dr. Norman Wyloge, a New York City psychoanalyst with over 50 years of clinical experience.  His specialties include corporate stress, post traumatic stress disorder  and issues driving people to overeat.   He is particularly interested in the effects of divorce on men, particularly in long term marriages.
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Ask Beatty – 06.25.19


1.  Are you taking care of yourself emotionally and physically or are you guilty of intentional neglect and ignorance.   Take my test and find out.
2.  INFIDELITY.   A shifting dynamics of desire in a time of changing gender roles has created a hell of a lot of psychic upheaval in marriages.
My guest today is New York  City divorce attorney Robert Dobrish, who is seeing a new phenomenon:  men who fully participate in a marriage, but whose wives then have affairs, seek divorce and custody of the kids. What's going on?
3.  Don't miss my panel...Sex, Sexy, Patriarchy and FEMINISM at the Left Form in New York  City on Saturday,  June 29th at 12:30 p.m. My panelists are Naomi Snider. co-author with Carol Gilligan of Why Patriarchy Persists? and Pearl's Daily, burlesque artist and actor.
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Ask Beatty – 06.18.19


Today's show gives you dozens of practical,  doable suggestions that can improve the quality of your life and your relationships beginning today.  Are you ready to commit to making some positive changes that will enhance your wellbeing?

Ask Beatty – 05.14.19


The divorce  rate for first marriages is 48%
63% of second marriages end in divorce 
72% of third marriages end in a divorce court
Beatty talks about the 3 things that people need to DO in order to find a healthy and longlasting relationship like a marriage. 
Her 2 guests today have been written up in the New York Times...They Divorced, Then Became Gurus of Dating and after their own divorces have set up businesses that help divorced men and women to start over.
AMY NOBLE is an Oprah featured 4X author.  Her latest book is Just When You're Comfortable in Your Own Skin, it Srarts to Sag- Reinventing Midlife. 
LOVE AMY was born out of getting a divorce and being thrown into the dating scene after a 20 year marriage.  She lives in NYC with her 2 teenagers.
Her website is LOVEAMY.CO
LISA DREYER divorced with 2 children is founder and owner of DIVORCE MINDER, a full service firm for divorced men who found themselves in upheaval trying their best to make their jobs and their children their priority, while trying to make a home that was welcoming to their children, their friends and the next chapter in their lives.
To Love and Life and Starting Over,

Ask Beatty – 05.07.19


1.  Are you taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically? Check out these important reminders and find out whether you are really being good to yourself. 
2.  My guest today is Holly Roach Knight, a cultural organizer, a contemplative activist and social justice educator, who lives at the social movement intersection of racial equity,  contemplative faith and education.  She is developing a body of work she calls Integral Social Change and is co-founder  and co-director at Transform Network. For more information go to TransformNetwork.Org.
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Ask Beatty – 04.23.19


1.  Are you SERIOUS about creating the life you want? Take my test and find out. 
My guest today is Dr. Uriel Halbreich, MD.  He is a Professor of Psychiatry,  Director of Biobehavioral Research,  State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY-AB) and Founding Chairman,  World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Section on Interdisciplinary Collaboration.  He has written 14 books, more than 350 papers in scientific journals and books and more than 670 abstracts. He is a former combat physician,  Golani Brigade,  IDF and a former Vice Chief Medical Officer of the Israeli Navy.
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Ask Beatty – 04.16.19


1.  Are you on a constructive or a self-destructive path.  Take my test and find out?
2. QUESTION FROM CALLER:  I have no sex drive and my partner is threatening to leave the relationship.   What should I do?
3.  Effective Couples Counseling.....3 STEPS

Ask Beatty –04.09.19


1. LIFE LESSONS THAT MATTER.  What experts around the world teach us about having a happy and healthy and LONG  life.  It's not what you might expect!
2.  Are you willing to make some. changes that will enhance the quality of your health, your relationships and your life Forever?
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Ask Beatty –04.02.19


1.  Are you doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results? Are you ready to try something new .....something that will actually work for you?
2.  Emotional and physical well-being are dependent on the these BEHAVIORS....
3.  My guest today is Pearls Daily,  is a critically acclaimed actress, comedienne, and burlesque artist based in New York City. She was crowned Miss Coney Island 2019 and currently  is appearing with Ronnie Marmo at the Box in I Am Not A Comedian...I Am Lenny Bruce.  In addition to her stage work, she has an extensive body of work in feature film, TV, standup. Sketch comedy,  improv and magic.
To Life and Love, 

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