Ask Beatty – 03.27.17


Beatty discussed many different  issues (political, social and personal) that Donald Trump's Presidency has encouraged us all to ponder.
Could your over the counter and prescription medications be contributing to your erectile dysfunction?  Beatty talked about numerous  drugs, including alcohol, beta blockers, etc. that negatively affect men's ability to get and maintain erections. 
Are you succeeding in keeping the boardroom out of your bedroom and your relationships?  Listen to some suggestions to help you end your work day and focus on your personal relationships.
To Life and Love, 

Ask Beatty – 03.20.17


Did you know that depression rates rose 18% in the last decade world-wide and that the most vulnerable groups are youth, pregnant or postpartum women and the elderly. And unfortunately, rates of depression are increasing for adolescents as well. Beatty talked about the signs and symptoms of depression and offered concrete suggestions as to how to best deal with your depression. Don't wait if your symptoms don't improve or are worsening.  Reaching out and asking for help is the very best thing that you can do for yourself and your family.
She also discussed what to do if your partner is no longer interested in sex and the benefits of dealing early on with sexual and other emotional, psychological and psychiatric issues.
Take concrete action today and change your life and relationships forever!
To life and love,

Ask Beatty – 03.06.17


Beatty talked about why second and third marriages are more likely to end up in divorce.  She posed the question that despite this sad state of affairs, are people really serious about doing their relationship homework so that the will educate, empower and keep themselves safe. 
And have you noticed that many women continue to shame other women's physical appearance.  Are you guily of misogyny?
And remember to love yourself and surround yourself with people who love and respect you.

Ask Beatty – 02.27.17


Beatty talked about what depression is and is not and what you need to know about depression at every age.  The good news is that depression  can be successfully treated.  Would you want your parents to choose your life partner?   Beatty discusses a new dating show in China where the parents choose their adult  children's mates.   And how many of you watched the HBO series 'Girls' last night.  Lena Dunham who plays the character Hannah, explores the issue of sexual assault vs consent.  Beatty's guest husband Jim Vrettos,  sociologist, activist and host of the Radical Imagination on MNN engage in a lively discussion about this very important subject.  

Ask Beatty – 02.13.17


Most people want to be in love and share their life with someone who they truly love who loves them. 
And yet the challenges to finding healthy and sustaining love, despite all the online dating sites, seem to be more difficult  than ever.
Beatty and her guest today Lous Barth, author of Courage to Sparkle, life coach and motivational speaker talk about the many things that people can DO ( and not do) to attract love into their lives.

Ask Beatty – 02.06.17


Whether you are struggling with mental health issues like  depression, anxiety, substance abuse, obesity or relationship or sexual issues, the number one question that you need to ask yourself is whether you are really SERIOUS about acknowledging, addressing and resolving the challenges.  In doing so, you will be able to position yourself to make your personal and professional dreams come true.
My guest today is Jan Mercer Darms, Founder & CEO of Swig and also Founder of 6-Figures, an experiential networking organization for highly accomplished profession women. Jan is an example of a woman of integrity, goodness kindness and political acumen, who has also been able to build two  highly successful businesses.

Ask Beatty – 01.30.17


Beatty talked about the importance of all of us being willing to step up to the plate and be willing (with or without professional  help) to acknowledge,  address and resolve our own issues, regardless of what they may be. Finding the inner courage can and will change the quality of your life and relationships forever. The choice is yours!
Her guest today was Mel Blackman, author of Crisis in Urban America; The Enemy We Choose Not to See and drug abuser counselor.  His views are refreshingly honest and pragmatic.  This is a not to be missed conversation  with a man who has 'been there' and made the decision to change his own life.

Ask Beatty – 01.23.17


Has the Trump Presidency affected you and your relationships with your partner, friends and family?
What have we learned and more important, what can we DO to protest and resist his policies? 
 My guest today was my husband Jim Vrettos,  sociologist, activist and host of the Radical Imagination on MNN.  He explained the Progressive Agenda, as we move forward. 
And if you want a day of FUN  and stimulation and great food, register today for the Renewal Summit to take place on Saturday,  February 4th from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. You will hear and meet 20 experts, including myself, discuss health, money, relationships, nutrition and more. You can purchase your tickets on Website.

Ask Beatty – 01.16.17


Beatty commemorated Dr. Martin Luther King and read some passages from his 1964 I HAVE A DREAM Speech. What kinds of ACTION are we all prepared to take to help create a more just society?
Her guest today was Cheryl  Benton, Founder of Three Tomatoes, a site for women who aren't kids anymore. Cheryl talked about her upcoming Renewal Summit to take place on Saturday,  February  4th 2017.  They talked about the  various panels and expert panelists who will be discussing subjects including: health, relationships, sexuality, careers and much much more. 
For more information, go to the

Ask Beatty – 01.09.17


It's a new year....full of unlimited possibilities.
Tune in and listen to Beatty's illuminating  conversation  with Lois Barth, motivational  speaker, life coach and author of Courage to SPARKLE.
If you are willing to embrace Lois's powerful  message, you too can create a life that lights you up.

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