Ask Beatty - 10/29/13


Beatty talked about the importance of helping people get to the root
of their problems and resolve their underyling issues. Rapper Chris
Brown as well as the young men who were sexually abused by Penn
State's Jerry Sandowsky, need intensive individual therapy if they are
to successfully move on with their lives. Money and fame are no
substitutes for doing the emotional 'work'.  Beatty's guest tonight
was Arly Fox-Daly, a massage therapist and medical intuitive.  Her
medical knowledge combined with her psychic gifts make for a rare

Ask Beatty - 10/22/13


Beatty's guest tonight was Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, an Orthodox Rabbi, sex therapist, author of Getting Close and marriage and family therapist.  They discussed the importance of 'attachment' as it effects a couple's sex life. For a couple's marriage and sex life to flourish, (regardless of people's age or stage in life)  couples need to pay attention to their relationships and make sure to keep the 'couple' is at the top of their priorities.  Dates to talk (without cell phones, TV and computers) and dates for sex are essential if couples are to remain connected.

Ask Beatty - 10/15/13


Whether we are debating political issues or personal ones, Beatty talked about the importance of developing effective communication and problem-solving skills.   Unless people are truly serious about acknolweging, addressing and RESOLVING differences, peace and harmony will always elude us; causing frustration and unhappiness in both our personal and professional lives. The choice is yours!

Ask Beatty - 10/01/13


Beatty discussed the tragedy of the Navy shooting and talked about the importance of early psychiatric diagnosis, intervention and follow-up not only in the military but in the schools as well. This incident could have been avoided if we had a centralized gun registration.


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