Ask Beatty - 11/26/13


Beatty discussed the new and disturbing 'game' of Knock-Out, where a teen aims to deliver a single blow to an unsuspecting person's head leaving the person unconscious.  Regardless of age, Beatty recommends:  Court appearances, court ordered psychiatric evaluations, individual, group and family therapy, restitution and restorative justice.  Beatty's guest tonight was Dr. Andrea Brandt, whose ground-breaking book 8 Keys to Eliminating Passive Aggressivenes is a must-read for everyone who is interested in improving their communication and problem-solving skills.

Ask Beatty - Jeffery Silber - 11/19/13


Beatty talked about  theAlec Baldwin fiasco and the importance of dealing with and expressing  anger in an effective and constructive way.  She also commented on research dealing with women and casual-hookups and new treatments for insomnia.  Her guest tonight was Jeffrey Silber, who is an international business, legal and professional life coach.


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