Ask Beatty - 12/24/13


Is there really a marijuana epidemic amongst high school students?

Do 15% of American children really have an attention deficit disorder?

Is it possible that there is a bonified reason to explain the 400% increase in anti-depressant use amongst women?


Progressive experts and scientists, including world renouned neuroscientist Dr. Carl Hart are not afraid to expose the truths; namely that the pharmaceutical companies have an econimic stake in creating the "epidemics and crises".  We need to look behind the hysteria to find the truth.


Beatty's guest tonight was psychotherapist Shira Silton.  They discussed the sorry state of relationships and how young people (despite instant message, on-line dating, facebook and twitter) are becoming more and more disillusioned about finding and sustaining lifelong partners. They agreed that  Relationship Education is what is needed in order to turn the tide. 

Ask Beatty - Dr. Andrea Brandt - 12/10/13


Beatty discussed the new and disturbing 'game' of Knock-Out, where a teen aims to deliver a single blow to an unsuspecting person's head leaving the person unconscious.  Regardless of age,Beatty recommends:  Court appearances, court ordered psychiatric evaluations, individual, group and family therapy, restitution and restorative justice.  Beatty's guest tonight was Dr. Andrea Brandt, whose ground-breaking book 8 Keys to Eliminating Passive Aggressivenes is a must-read for everyone who is interested in improving their communication and problem-solving skills.


Ask Beatty - Divorce - 12/3/13



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