Ask Beatty - 01/28/14


Beatty discussed our need for relationship and sex education regardless of our age or stage in life. She also talked about how good sex is possible in long-term relationships, regardless of Ester Perel's belief that familiarity breeds sexual indifference and decay.

Ask Beatty - 1/21/14


Beatty talked about the importance of parents encouraging their adult children to seek their dreams and passions without succumbing to their parents' definition of success.  She also discussed the reality of Revenge Porn and began a discussion of Affairs.

Ask Beatty - Jim Vrettos - 1/14/14


Beatty was interviewed tonight by Jim Vrettos, host of the Rebbe, the Radical and the Rev.  They discussed the subject of love and talked about the challenges of finding and sustaining lasting love.

Ask Beatty - Jeffery Silber - 1/7/14


Beatty talked about the importance of defining and setting goals and taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure that our goals are realized.  Occasionally we need outside help.  Her guest tonight was Jeffrey Silber, International Business, Legal and Professional Life Coach, partner of Silber, Vasquez and Associate. (  


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