Ask Beatty - Incarceration - 03/25/14


Tonight we have a different kind of show - addressing the topic of mass incarceration with Mujahid Farid and Jim Vrettos.

Ask Beatty - Kirsi Paalanen - 3/11/14


Beatty stressed the importance of preventative relationship education programs.  Teaching people how to recognize the signs of domestic abuse BEFORE it starts would save millions of women the heartbreak of ending up as victims.  Her guest tonight was Kirsi Paalanen, Certified Health Coach and founder of My Orange Villa. They talked about how she helps corporations and individuals learn the ABC's of de-stressing both at work and at home. 

Ask Beatty - 3/4/14


Beatty answered emails from listeners who wanted advice about sex, love and relationships issues.  She also discussed the 10 areas that need to be explored if couples are having problems in the bedroom. 


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