Ask Beatty - 04/29/14


Beatty talked about her unique method of doing successful marital therapy.  You can read about her methodololgy on   However, when couples do decide to divorce, her guest tonight Susan Ingram, a New York City attorney-mediator made a strong case for the overwhelming benefits of divorce mediation vs litigation.  Susan can be reached on her website at

Ask Beatty - Don’t Settle - 4/22/14


Beatty's guests tonight were Dr. Sonya Rhodes, PhD, a practicing New York based psychotherapist and author and   Susan Schneider, a former editor, columnist and writer.    They discussed  their new book.......The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match:  How Today's Strong Women Can Find Love and Happiness Without Settling.  Their book dispels the myth that smart, successful women must compromise who they are in order to find lasting love.

Ask Beatty - Relationships - 4/15/14


Beatty interviewed Martin a 28 year old professional male about this views (and his generation's views) about relationships, marriage and children.  An interview not to be missed.  She also discussed recent research about how parents can raise morally responsible and empathic children.  And did you know that children do better in school when their parents are LESS involved in their children's day to day school life? Parents should set the stage and then leave it.

Ask Beatty - Female Sex Dysfunction - 4/8/14


Tonight, Beatty Cohen has on Dr. Patricia Demming. They both discuss the physical phenomenon known as female sex dysfunction. points out that just because things aren't happening sexually between the couple may be attested to something more than just physical. Tune in to learn new ways to communicate with your partner about sex. 


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