Ask Beatty - male sexual dysfunction - 5/20/14


Beatty continued the conversation that she began last week with Dr. Stember, Urologist and talked about male sexual dysfunction and the excellent treatments available for pre-mature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.  She also defended Mayor De Blasio's wife's honest comments about the real challenges of parenting and juggling marriage, children and a career and shared her own real life experiences as a first time mother at age 35. 

Ask Beatty - Dr. Doron Stember - 5/13/14


Beatty talked about the latest research in ADHD that found that 'mindfulness', i.e. training a muscle in your brain to concentrate is as effective a treatment for ADHD than the usual drugs that are prescribed in America. Wake up American doctors !  Her guest tonight was Dr. Doron Stember, an associate professor of urology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital.  Don't miss this interview for an up to date discussion on effective treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Ask Beatty - Sexual Assult - 5/6/14


What occurs when a coed is sexually assaulted at Columbia University?  Beatty's comments and analysis of a recent  sexual assualt case and its antiquated policy and procedures of dealing with this issue is a show not to be missed.  Also, what happens when students from the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in Riverdale, NY whose tuitiion is $43,000 a year come together with students from the South Bronx who attend Univerity Heights High School  to discuss racial inequality, gun violence and go on occasional field trips together?  How is this experiment working for both groups of students?  Who benefits most? 


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