Ask Beatty - 07/28/14


What do today's college students feel about love, relationships, sex and marriage?.  Beatty discussed these themes with college professor James Vrettos, who has taught sociology and criminology in colleges for over 40 years. Tune in to hear their illuminating discussion.   

Ask Beatty - 07/21/14


Beatty talked about how colleges are failing women who have been sexually assaulted on campus. She also talked about the need for all of us to to take ACTION today and acknowledge, address and resolve our issues if our lives and relationships are to flourish. 

Ask Beatty - 07/15/14


Do you want to hear what Beatty has to say about Reality TV's tale on love, relationships and marriage?  Do you want to know the do's and don'ts of finding a therapist?  Then tune in for answers that will educate and empower you.

Ask Beatty - 07/08/14


The latest information on maintaining a long, lasting, and healthy relationship.


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