Ask Beatty - 09/29/14


Do you want to want to hear what Beatty has to say about Rikers abolishing solitary confinement for juveniles? Or maybe you're curious about her views on punishment and rehabilitation within the prison system?  And if you also want to hear Beatty's answers to listener's e-mails about relationships, you will not want to miss this show! 

Ask Beatty - 09/23/14


Who are the victims in domestic violent relationships?  Women who are  abused verbally, physically, sexually emotionally and financially?  Or the men who are full of rage, shame, self-blame and hate who frequently were abused verbally, physically, sexually and emotionally by people who were supposed to love them. Early intervention and relationship education for both women and men alike could help stop domestic violence BEFORE it starts. 

Ask Beatty - 09/15/14


Beatty talked about domestic violence in the world of professional sports.  Who are the abusers?  Why do they abuse? And why do women stay in abusive relationships?  Her guest tonight was psychologist and best -selling author Dr. John Gartner, Ph.D. They discussed numerous research studies that found that  children are the number one reason for marital dissatisfaction. They also talked about what parents need to do (and not do) to keep their relationships at the top of the list of their priorities.  

Ask Beatty - 09/08/14


What did Robin Williams suicide teach us about depression and possible bipolar disorder?  Beatty talked about the signs and symptoms of clinical depression and the importance of seeking treatment as soon as possible with a qualified mental health practitioner. 


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