Ask Beatty - Powering Women Through Career Transitions - 10/27/14


Have you ever given any thought to what happens to high ranking military women after they retire from the service?

Who helps them transition into their new lives?  My guests tonight were Carole Hyatt, President and Founder of Mission:  Getting to Next and Jennifer Edson, Director of Marketing and Development.  Hear what remarkable women are doing to help our military heroes make the best possible transition into civilian life.  

Ask Beatty - 10/20/14


Do you want  universities to be given the power to dictate to students with mental health issues who can and can't remain in school?  Should colleges be involved in monitoring your sex lives with their new 'yes, yes' consent policy?

Beatty tackles these and other issues head on in her typical politically incorrect no nonsense fashion.  

Ask Beatty - 10/13/14


Beatty talked about the things we can and must do to create a more loving, compassionate, emotionally healthy and relationship savvy society. 

Ask Beatty - 10/06/14


Beatty talked about the 10 areas that need to be acknowledged, addressed and resolved if people are having sexual difficulties.  Her guest tonight was Roberta Mittman, Personal Revolution Coach and Licensed Acupuncturist. They discussed the importance of utilizing both an eastern and western medicine combination approach when diagnosing and treating physical and emotional problems. 


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