Rates of Homicide and Suicide Increase Under a Republican Presidency! - 11.24.14


Beatty talked about the importance of doing extensive research when looking for a therapist.  Listen to her 10 point do's and don'ts.  Her guests were John Jay sociologist James Vrettos and Dr. James Gilligan, an acclaimed psychiatrist, author and professor whose work consisted of researching the various biological, psychological and social phenomena that increase rates of violence. Dr. Gilligan has found that violence is ALWAYS a desperate and risky attempt to gain respect, attention and recognition for oneself or for the group with which one identifies. This is a not to be missed interview!!

Ask Beatty - 11/17/14


"Marriage just isn't a good deal for women anymore now that we have so many options", according to sociologist and author Pepper Schwartz."  Do you agree or disagree?  I want to hear or thoughts.  Beatty's guest tonight was Al Simon, an HIV/AIDS educator and activist who served over 30 years in prison.  Al turned his life around in prison, earned an Associate's degree and is currently working with RAPP on behalf of older prisoners who no longer pose a risk to themselves or society.  I concur with RAPP..........If the Risk is Low, Let Them Go".  

Ask Beatty - 11/10/14


Beatty talked about how more and more people who claim they are looking for love prefer to talk, text, email, sext, watch porn and skype rather than meet in person.  Is this new trend due to fear, vulnerability or laziness?  Or perhaps increasing numbers of people are giving up or are really not serious about finding love?  Her guest tonight was Danielle Campisi, financial wellness expert.  How many financial advisors do you know who actually care about their clients emotional, spiritual and psychological wellbeing?  Danielle is unique! 


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