Ask Beatty - 12.22.14


As we are approaching 2015, Beatty asked her listeners to do a personal inventory about their lives, relationships with lovers, family, friends, finances, health, sex lives, and work.  She stressed that TODAY is the time to acknowledge, address and resolve whatever issues are getting in the way of  personal happiness. Her guest tonight was sociologist Jim Vrettos.  Together they talked about the importance of dispute resolution for communities, cultures and government, regardless of differences.

Ask Beatty - 12.15.14


Advice on relationships and latest issues in the media with Beatty Cohan. 

Ask Beatty - 12.08.14


Beatty talked about how racism and hatred were responsible for the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and others who were targeted and  murdered by police primarily because of the color of their skin. She also discussed in-depth, the school social services early intervention program that she designed in the Montreal School system. This model program according to Beatty, should be implemented in every school throughout the United States. It would change the course of children's lives forever! 

Ask Beatty - 12.01.14


What to do if you discover that your spouse is having an extramarital affair?  Do's and don'ts if you are going through a divorce.  Listen to Beatty's practical and sound advice that will surely help you successfully deal  with your crisis.


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