Ask Beatty - 03.30.15


Should premarital counseling be mandatory?  Could the horrific Germanwings Jetliner disaster have been prevented? Why didn't the psychiatrists who gave Andreas Lubitz notes stating that he was too sick to work send copies of those letters to the airlines?  Should there be routine psychological and psychiatric  screening for teachers, pilots and other people who are responsible for the emotional and physical well-being of hundreds of people who are in their care? Tune in now and hear what Beatty has to say about all of these issues.  

Ask Beatty - 03.23.15


Would you trust an expert to help you find a spouse without knowing anything about your potential partner or without knowing what he/she looks like? Should colleges protect students from feeling hurt or upset about controversial subject matter? Should schools and universities  teach relationship and sex education courses? Tune in and hear what John Jay Sociologist Jim Vrettos and Beatty think about these contemporary issues.  

Ask Beatty - 03.16.15


A Johns Hopkins study found that most marriage counseling is a waste of time, money and energy on the part of everyone and that 25% of couples are WORSE off than when they started. Tune in and hear what Beatty believes must happen if couples therapy is to be successful. She also stressed the importance of having strong policies and programs in place in our schools, colleges and work places that will protect victims of  sexual assault, including emotional and verbal abuse. Without them we are victimizing innocent people and enabling perpetrators. 

Ask Beatty - 03.09.15


Has Fifty Shades of Grey helped you to feel more comfortable about sex?  If you are having problems in the bedroom, are you more likely now to acknowledge, address and resolve the issues?  Beatty's guest tonight was Anita Boeninger, an Integrative Health and Sexuality Educator.  Tune in to her Sex and Medicine Summit ( for the latest research findings about sex. And finally, Beatty tells you exactly how to both find and fire your therapist.  

Ask Beatty - 03.02.15


Beatty talked about everything that you ever want to know about sex and were either afraid to ask or didn't know to ask.  If you are having any sexual difficulties, this is a show not to be missed.


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