Ask Beatty - 05.18.15


Beatty talked about the importance of patients taking an active role in and out of the therapist's office if they expect that their psychotherapy experiences will be successful. She also discussed how we all must be true to ourselves despite what others think.  And finally, she outlined different types of relationships that people have including:  equal/equal, parent/child, rescuer/rescue.  What's your deal?

Ask Beatty - Elizabeth Massey - 05.11.15


Beatty talked about having attended a Moral Monday breakfast at Union Theological Seminary in New York City with guest speaker Reverend Doctor William, Director of the North Carolina NAACP. As a society, despite different party lines, we need to all get in touch with our moral selves personally and politically and not just on Monday's.  Her guest tonight was Elizabeth Massey, RN, who is a national expert in helping medical professionals help their patients deal with the reality of death and dying.  Her advice was invaluable.  


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