Ask Beatty – 07.27.15


When is medicine absolutely necessary when treating psychiatric disorders?  What do the officer who arrested Sandra Bland for not signaling and Bill Cosby have in common?  What legal penalties should they be required to pay? Listen to Beatty's analysis of these issues and more!

Ask Beatty - 07.20.15


Beatty talked about what happened in couples therapy when a couple she recently treated successfully worked through their issues after an affair.  She also described her proven methodology for doing  effective psychotherapy.  And finally, do affluent children do better or worse in their life pursuits and relationships?  The research findings might surprise you!

Ask Beatty - 07.13.15


Beatty talked about the importance of goal setting followed by ACTION.  She also reminded people to make sure that their couple's therapists have a background and extensive training in sex therapy. And finally, let's 'unplug' and face reality when it comes to our lives and relationships. 

Ask Beatty - 07.06.15


Let's Talk About Sex. Couple's therapy vs sex therapy?  How can someone call themselves a couples therapist and not have training in sexual dysfunction?  Do affairs help or harm your relationship?  Hear Beatty's critique of other well-known people in the field. What are your thoughts on these issues?


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