Ask Beatty – 09.28.15


Did Pope Francis's visit impact you in terms of how you might treat others more lovingly and respectfully?  Did his powerful messages  about injustice, inequality, mass incarceration, poverty and racism touch you on a deep level?
Beatty also talked about recent research that demonstrated how technology is interfering and potentially destroying our personal connections. (If we let it!)
She stressed the importance of our taking ACTION if we are serious about improving the quality of our lives and relationships.
And finally, Beatty will be on a panel ,"Does Sexy Have An Expiration Date?" on October 13th 2015, from 6-9 pm at the Hungarian Consulate in New York City.  She stressed the importance of not allowing anyone, (including the media) to tell you if or how often you should be having sex.

Ask Beatty – 09.21.15


Beatty talked about the housing, medical, employment and mental health challenges facing transgender men and women.  She also discussed the dangers of Paxil, an antidepressant, for teenagers and cautions everyone to be more consumer savvy when it comes to taking medications of all kinds. Your doctor does not always know what's best!

Ask Beatty – 09.14.15


What's it like knowing from a very early age that your gender does not match who you really are?  Tune in and hear Beatty's guest, Josephine Fantasia Perez, a biracial transgender woman talk about her journey; without money, family support and personal make-up and wardrobe stylists.


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