Ask Beatty – 10.26.15


Beatty talked about a number of her current cases that she is dealing with in her private practice.  Tune in and listen to what effective individual, family and couples  therapy really is.  Her insights may very well change your life and relationships forever!

Ask Beatty – 10.19.15


Beatty discussed in depth the characteristics of a domestic violent relationship.  If you discover that your relationship meets even some of these criteria, please seek out help as soon as possible. No one deserves to be hurt emotionally or physically or live in fear.

Ask Beatty – 10.12.15


Beatty talked about how preventive mental health programs in the schools would help early on to identify and treat problem children and their families who grow up to be angry, alienated, lonely and violent adults. She also discussed  recent findings that show "the effectiveness of talk therapy is overstated" and shared her 35 year clinical experience outlying what in her view effective therapy is and is not.

Ask Beatty – 10.05.15


October is Domestic Violence Awareness month.  Beatty's guest today was Loretta K. Davis, lawyer, former Judge and Executive Director of the Retreat, an organization that provides a variety of domestic violence services for survivors and their families, including a 24 hour hotline, preventive programs in the schools for teens and new father initiatives. If you want to hear an in depth conversation about domestic violence and more importantly, what we can do about ending violence, you will not want to miss this show.


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