Ask Beatty – 12.28.15


What are the secrets to a happy life?  Money, power and a lavish lifestyle?  Beatty discussed the research findings of a number of major studies on happiness.  The results may surprise you. And hopefully, will help you focus on the things in life that really matter.

Ask Beatty – 12.21.15


As we are approaching the end of 2015, Beatty asked you to seriously consider the following:
1.  Are you willing to finally deal with all of the issues in your life, past and present that cause you distress and pain?
2.  What is your plan?  Where and what are you going to DO to get the help that you need?
3.  Are you allowing others to dictate how you 'should'  be living your life? If your answer is yes, when are you planning to begin to set boundaries for others so that you will no longer allow them to hurt you.
4.  Are you living the kind of life that you want both personally and professionally?  If not..what changes are you prepared to make to live the life that you deserve?
Take action and improve the quality of your life and relationships forever!

Ask Beatty – 12.14.15


Are you tired of being lied to by our politicians? Are you disappointed and frustrated that the person who you thought you were in love with turned out to be Mr. or Ms Wrong?  Beatty talked about the importance of doing our due diligence and fact checking when it comes to assessing who's right or wrong for us personally, professionally and politically. Her words of wisdom will help guide you and keep you safe!

Ask Beatty – 12.07.15


Today was Beatty's birthday and she talked about the importance for all of us to reflect on where we've been, where we are in life currently and most importantly, where we want to go and what plans we have to reach our new goals and destination. This is an exercise that we all need to engage in from time to time. 
She also discussed the importance of  trying to work out  differences with the significant people in our lives and not resist getting professional help when necessary. However, she stressed that under no circumstances  should anyone remain in toxic, destructive, or self destructive relationships with included.


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