Ask Beatty – 04.25.16


The USA is reporting a 30 year high in the rate of suicide.  Find out who's most at risk and what we can do to prevent or minimize this tragic state of affairs.

How do we make seeking help for mental health issues 'cool'?  And are you interested in the NYC Mayor's 850 million dollar  mental health initiative status and update?  I am.  To date, despite my numerous attempts to speak with someone about the initiative, there's only silence from the Mayor's and his wife's office. That's depressing!

Ask Beatty – 04.18.16


Beatty talked about important lessens in life that she learned from her father, Maurice Sair and from having spent her entire life competing in provincial and national sports in Canada.

Her new segment, News You Can Use, will update you on current research findings having to do with health and mental health issues.

Ask Beatty – 04.11.16


Are you giving up on love?  Are you in an abusive relationship or a sexless partnership?  Are your own issues getting in the way of your life?  The most important question that you need to ask yourself is whether you are willing to once and for all acknowledge, address and resolve these issues, whatever they may be. The choice is yours!

Ask Beatty – 04.04.16


Our Mental Health is Directly Related to the Moral Values of a Country. Hear what other countries around the world are doing to enhance people's well-being and relationships. Sexting and Dating. The ABC's of keeping ourselves emotionally and physically safe!


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