Ask Beatty – 10.24.16


Beatty talked about her own recent experience  of taking a short  break and reevaluating how she wants to be living life. She discussed  NYT 's columnist David Brooks article, Moral Bucket List, a must read for all of us.
Her guest today was Katherine Kittinger, a former corporate  star and owner of Shoggie Boogie's,  a garden paradise  restaurant  in Sarasota, Florida.  Her story will inspire  you to find your own purpose.  

Ask Beatty – 10.10.16


October is Domestic Violence  Awareness  month. And who would have dreamed that a candidate  running for President  of the United States  is a proud sexual and emotional predator of women! 
And what is more shocking,  is the fact that millions  of men and women continue to enable and support  him.
Listen to Beatty's psychological  analysis  of Trump and why a Trump Presidency would ultimately  doom America. 

Ask Beatty – 10.03.16


Beatty  and her guest Elizabeth Massey, RN, Founding Partner of Compassion Consulting (813-321-8282) talked about the importance  of dealing with loss and grief, including: death, divorce, sexual abuse, loss of job, limb, baby, etc. We all need to be willing to acknowledge, address and resolve ( as best as we can) the effects of grief and loss on our professional and personal  lives. Unresolved grief can kill us physically, mentally and emotionally. don't need to do this alone!


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