Ask Beatty – 01.30.17


Beatty talked about the importance of all of us being willing to step up to the plate and be willing (with or without professional  help) to acknowledge,  address and resolve our own issues, regardless of what they may be. Finding the inner courage can and will change the quality of your life and relationships forever. The choice is yours!
Her guest today was Mel Blackman, author of Crisis in Urban America; The Enemy We Choose Not to See and drug abuser counselor.  His views are refreshingly honest and pragmatic.  This is a not to be missed conversation  with a man who has 'been there' and made the decision to change his own life.

Ask Beatty – 01.23.17


Has the Trump Presidency affected you and your relationships with your partner, friends and family?
What have we learned and more important, what can we DO to protest and resist his policies? 
 My guest today was my husband Jim Vrettos,  sociologist, activist and host of the Radical Imagination on MNN.  He explained the Progressive Agenda, as we move forward. 
And if you want a day of FUN  and stimulation and great food, register today for the Renewal Summit to take place on Saturday,  February 4th from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. You will hear and meet 20 experts, including myself, discuss health, money, relationships, nutrition and more. You can purchase your tickets on Website.

Ask Beatty – 01.16.17


Beatty commemorated Dr. Martin Luther King and read some passages from his 1964 I HAVE A DREAM Speech. What kinds of ACTION are we all prepared to take to help create a more just society?
Her guest today was Cheryl  Benton, Founder of Three Tomatoes, a site for women who aren't kids anymore. Cheryl talked about her upcoming Renewal Summit to take place on Saturday,  February  4th 2017.  They talked about the  various panels and expert panelists who will be discussing subjects including: health, relationships, sexuality, careers and much much more. 
For more information, go to the

Ask Beatty – 01.09.17


It's a new year....full of unlimited possibilities.
Tune in and listen to Beatty's illuminating  conversation  with Lois Barth, motivational  speaker, life coach and author of Courage to SPARKLE.
If you are willing to embrace Lois's powerful  message, you too can create a life that lights you up.


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