Ask Beatty – 04.24.17


Have You Ever Been Sexually Harassed at Work? 
Do you work in a culture that devalues women?
Listen to Beatty's psychological analysis of sexual harassment, given the firing of both Roger Ailes, former CEO at FOX &  Bill O'Reilly, former host of the O'Reilly Factor.
What can businesses, schools and universities DO to safeguard against sexual harassment? 
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Ask Beatty – 04.10.17


Beatty talked about Dr. Barbara Fredrickson's research findings about how to become less negative and more positive by DOING the following  8 mental exercises. She also discussed what couples need to DO  if they hope to have happy and satisfying relationships.   Did you know that Spring is the most depressing time of the year and that suicide spikes during this time of the year.  Adopt Beatty's mantra in life:  Acknowledge, Address and RESOLVE!
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Ask Beatty – 04.03.17


April 7th 2017 is World Health Day and this year its theme is Depression. Individuals, schools, work places and organizations around the world need to be reminded to think about mental health issues 365 days of the year and provide programs and services to help people to acknowledge, address and resolve thrir issues.
Beatty's guest todsy is Dr. John Gartner, psychologist, author and architect of the social movement,  Duty to Warn. Don't miss our discussion about Donald Trump's serious psychopathology and learn what we all can do to try and have him removed from office.
Be Strong. Be Bold.
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