Ask Beatty – 05.22.17


Beatty asked her listeners to reevaluate all of their relationships,  including love, work, family, friends and even acquaintances.  Are these relationships loving, respectful and mutually satisfying or are they at worse, toxic and poisonous?
Beatty's guest today is Katherine Schreiber, co-author of the Truth About  Exercise  Addiction:  Understanding the Dark Side of Thinspiration, writer, freelance editor and co-author of a must read article in Psychology Today, Poison People..Caution.
Listen carefully to our conversation.   You may be surprised what you may discover about your relationships. 
To Life and Love,

Ask Beatty – 05.08.17


Beatty asks her listeners to take an honest look at their relationships...both personal and professional.   Are your relationships primarily healthy, mutually respectful, supportive and non-judgmental?  Or do you feel like you are on an ever -ending, crazy- making rollercoaster ride with your partner, family, friends and colleagues?
My guest today is Gayle Kirschenbaum, an American filmmaker, producer, writer, speaker who had the courage to make the award winning documentary, Look At At Us Now, Mother, about her very toxic relationship with her mother, Mildred. 
THE LESSON.....When people are truly committed to improving their relationships, anything is possible as seen through the lens of Gayle's thought-provoking and gut wrenching film.
To Life and Love, 

Ask Beatty – 05.01.17


How are adolescent girls doing around the world medically, educationally, economically, emotionally and psychologically?    It's easy to forget that educational opportunities for many young girls are almost non-existent. Broad inequalities persist between the rich and poor and most notably between the richest males and the poorest females. The disparity is staggering.  In the last decade, the awareness around the importance of investing in adolescent girls is a sign that things are moving in the right direction.  However, we still have a long way to go.

 My guest today is Judithe Registre, Program Director at Plan International USA for the Because I Am a Girl campaign. Take a moment and think about how YOU might help young girls maximize their opportunities and potential. 
To Life and Love,


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