Ask Beatty – 06.26.17


Are you prepared to fail in work and in love?  Do you know how to navigate life when things are looking down and have not worked out as you had hoped? Remember Rudyard Kipling's poem,'IF'?  Beatty talked about the skills that we all need to develop to deal with the ups and downs of life.  And hear how colleges are now recognizing the importance of teaching students about resilience and when being the best and the brightest is not enough.

Would you sign a marriage or a relationship contract with your partner outlining what you do and do not want in your relationship? Listen to what Beatty has to say about the importance of clear and honest communication in all of our relationships.
And finally, are you on the throes of divorce.  Ask yourself these 11 questions before contacting a lawyer.
To Life and Love,

Ask Beatty – 06.19.17


Ever wonder how some people manage to live their lives with positive energy, while others view life with a glass is always half empty lens?  Beatty talks about what we can all learn to DO to develop a more positive outlook on life.  Get ready today to take your first step toward positively.
To Life and Love, 

Ask Beatty – 06.12.17


You have finally made the courageous decision to get help for yourself or for your relationship.  Now you need to make the right choice in choosing a therapist. Listen to Beatty's do's and don'ts.  All therapists are NOT the same. The wrong therapist can cause irreversible damage.
What does living well mean to you?  Have you found a meaningful purpose for yourself? Here are a few tips that will help motivate you and keep you on track. 
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Ask Beatty – 06.05.17


Beatty asked her listeners  to ask themselves the following questions:
1.  Are you living the life that you want both personally and professionally?
2. Are you merely passing time on earth, with little joy or satisfaction?
3.  What's preventing you from having a joyous existence? Toxic relationships? Mental health issues?
Career, health or financial challenges?
4.  Are you willing to do whatever is necessary  to acknowledge, address and resolve your issues so that you can live the life that you want and deserve?
And thank you to my callers who had the courage to ask for help.
To Life and Love,
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