Ask Beatty – 05.14.19


The divorce  rate for first marriages is 48%
63% of second marriages end in divorce 
72% of third marriages end in a divorce court
Beatty talks about the 3 things that people need to DO in order to find a healthy and longlasting relationship like a marriage. 
Her 2 guests today have been written up in the New York Times...They Divorced, Then Became Gurus of Dating and after their own divorces have set up businesses that help divorced men and women to start over.
AMY NOBLE is an Oprah featured 4X author.  Her latest book is Just When You're Comfortable in Your Own Skin, it Srarts to Sag- Reinventing Midlife. 
LOVE AMY was born out of getting a divorce and being thrown into the dating scene after a 20 year marriage.  She lives in NYC with her 2 teenagers.
Her website is LOVEAMY.CO
LISA DREYER divorced with 2 children is founder and owner of DIVORCE MINDER, a full service firm for divorced men who found themselves in upheaval trying their best to make their jobs and their children their priority, while trying to make a home that was welcoming to their children, their friends and the next chapter in their lives.
To Love and Life and Starting Over,

Ask Beatty – 05.07.19


1.  Are you taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically? Check out these important reminders and find out whether you are really being good to yourself. 
2.  My guest today is Holly Roach Knight, a cultural organizer, a contemplative activist and social justice educator, who lives at the social movement intersection of racial equity,  contemplative faith and education.  She is developing a body of work she calls Integral Social Change and is co-founder  and co-director at Transform Network. For more information go to TransformNetwork.Org.
To Life and Love, 


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