Ask Beatty – 06.25.19


1.  Are you taking care of yourself emotionally and physically or are you guilty of intentional neglect and ignorance.   Take my test and find out.
2.  INFIDELITY.   A shifting dynamics of desire in a time of changing gender roles has created a hell of a lot of psychic upheaval in marriages.
My guest today is New York  City divorce attorney Robert Dobrish, who is seeing a new phenomenon:  men who fully participate in a marriage, but whose wives then have affairs, seek divorce and custody of the kids. What's going on?
3.  Don't miss my panel...Sex, Sexy, Patriarchy and FEMINISM at the Left Form in New York  City on Saturday,  June 29th at 12:30 p.m. My panelists are Naomi Snider. co-author with Carol Gilligan of Why Patriarchy Persists? and Pearl's Daily, burlesque artist and actor.
To Life and Love, 

Ask Beatty – 06.18.19


Today's show gives you dozens of practical,  doable suggestions that can improve the quality of your life and your relationships beginning today.  Are you ready to commit to making some positive changes that will enhance your wellbeing?


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