Ask Beatty – 07.30.19


1.  Mental Illness is not just a chemical imbalance. 
2.  Beatty's case histories from her practice.
3.  7 ingredients to building healthy relationships.
4.  Are you doing what is in your best interest as you navigate your life?  If not why not?  Do you have a plan to begin to acknowledge, address and resolve your issues?
To Life and Love, 

Ask Beatty – 07.22.19


1.  Asking for help.  Why is it still so difficult for the majority of men and women?
2.  The 1 Thing That Will Make You Happier  is......
3.  Is Love Standing in the way of a feminist future?  My guest today is Nona Willia-Aronowitz, author, editor and daughter of Ellen Willis and Stanley Aronowitz.  She has been a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute,  worked as an education and poverty reporter at NBC  News Digital and worked as an associate editor at GOOD magazine. As of 2017 she was the featured editor for Splinter and is featured in the feminist history film She's Beautiful When She's Angry. 
To Life and Love  

Ask Beatty – 07.09.19


1. Assessing your life and your relationships. Are you living the life that you want?  If not why not?  What changes do you need to make?  And if you are not sure, are you willing to seek professional help?
2.  3 Things you can do TODAY if you are feeling exhausted. 
3.  Suicide statistics.   Are you at risk?
4.  Parenting 101 in the digital age. 
To Life and Love, 

Ask Beatty – 07.01.19


1.  Are you staying the course?  Are you doing what is in your best interest or are you engaging in self-sabatoging, self-destructive or destructive behavior?  Take my weekly test and find out.
2.  My guest today is Dr. Norman Wyloge, a New York City psychoanalyst with over 50 years of clinical experience.  His specialties include corporate stress, post traumatic stress disorder  and issues driving people to overeat.   He is particularly interested in the effects of divorce on men, particularly in long term marriages.
To Life and Love, 


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