Ask Beatty – 01.27.20


1.  There is a wealth of information about what we all need to DO to remain healthy emotionally,  psychologically, psychiatriclly and physically.   Are you on board ?
2.  My guest today is Mark Horn, author of Tarot and the Gates of Life:  A Kabbalistic Path to Liberation.  Learn how Kabbalah, 49 day of meditative practice of  Counting the Omer and Tarot cards  can help transform you spiritually and emotionally and teach you how to make every day count!  
To Life and Love and Spirituality, 

Ask Beatty – 01.21.20


1. Celebrating Martin Luther King Day.  From racism,  poverty, income inequality, mass incarceration and mass deportation, our nation remains in deep denial. 
2.  Daily reminders to help us keep on track in our lives and relationships. 
2.  Despite all the relationship books, advice columns and podcasts, divorce, teenage dating abuse and domestic violence statistics continue to soar.  What are we missing? 
Beatty's guests today are Dr. Joanne Davila, PhD and Kaycee Lashman, co-authors of The Thinking Girl's Guide to the Right Guy:  How Knowing Yourself Can Help You Navigate Dating, Hookups and Love.
This empowering guide offers evidence- based strategies and practical tools to help you figure out what you want and need to be happy and fulfilled and whether your partner has what it takes!  
To Life and Love!

Ask Beatty – 01.14.20


1.  Are you staying the course with your 2020 New Year's resolutions?  Take my weekly quiz and find out how well you are doing.
2.  Today's guest is Manuel Gomez, private investigator extraordinaire, former special agent operative, star of the critically acclaimed Sundance Film Festival documentary, Crime and Punishment and former NYPD police officer. Manuel tells us in no uncertain terms what really goes on 'behind closed doors', including:  police brutality and illegal stops, questions and frisks and how the NYPD has collected over 900 million dollars in 'dirty' money.
Manuel Gomez along with Frank Serpico, depicted by Al Pacino in the 1973 Hollywood classic Serpico, have drafted legislation, the Civilian Justice Bill, that would finally make the police accountable for their actions.
This is a not to be missed interview.

Ask Beatty – 01.06.20


1. 10 evidence based behaviors that will change the quality of your life and relationships emotionally,  physically and psychologicall forever.  Are you onboard?
2.Your yearly mental health check-In.  Take this test and see how well you are doing..
3.   Domestic violence murders are on the rise.  Why is this happening? Learn what women can DO to Stop Domestic Violence BEFORE Itt Starts!
To Life and Love, 


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