Ask Beatty – 06.30.20


1.  Staying on a positive course.  Are you in or out?  Take my Quizz and find out.
2.  The Loneliness Epidemic.  You are NOT ALONE.  Do's and Don'ts
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To Life and Love,

Ask Beatty – 06.23.20


1.  Are you being mindful every day of living a life that is in your best interest, while at the same time be committed to eliminating both personal, societal and political toxicity?
2.  Beatty's analysis of how this time of crisis is an opportunity to repair the damage of inequality and poverty, to re-evaluate our lives, our relationships, lifestyles, stereotypes,  prejudices, and our sense of morality, integrity or lack of. We then need to decide whether we are willing to reset and  DO something or continue business as usual.

Ask Beatty – 06.16.20


Today's show is dedicated to my father, MAURICE SAIR, who taught me about love, compassion, generosity of spirit and about never giving up.  He was the best father and tennis coach that a girl could ever wish for. Today would have been his birthday. He died 38 years ago and I still talk about him and miss him every day.
1.  Are you on a constructive path in your life and relationships?  Friendly reminders to be MINDFUL of every day to ensure that you are in fact living a life that is in your BEST interest.  
*How are millennials doing in our new and ever changing world of dating?
* What do millennials really want when it comes to dating and love?
*   Are their desires and needs different from older men and women who are looking for love?
* What about sex?
* Lindsay's 3 top rules for dating.
My guest today is Lindsay Metselaar, founder of WE MET AT ACME, a podcast for millennials that chronicles the ups and downs of dating life.  Lindsay has over 7,500-10,000 downloads per episode,(over one million all time), has 130,000 followers and earns 1.6 million impressions per week on Instagram. Last year she began touring the country, hoping to help millennials navigate the new and oftentimes confusing dating landscape.

Ask Beatty –06.09.20


1.  Beatty's daily tips for keeping ourselves safe and sane.  Are you taking control of all the things that we all can DO to improve the quality of our lives and relationships?
2.  Today is a National Call of Mourning and Fasting...A Message from Reverend Dr.William Barber.
3. Beatty's 3 guests today are :  (a) Ed Echloeman, Founder and Chairman of Operation Warrior Shield, a retired Chief Master sergeant from the New York Air National Guard and a Vietnam Marine Veteran.  Operation Warrior Shield has partnered with the Open Center and offers no cost virtual healing services not only to our Veterans..but to an expanded audience of our Front Liners and any of our NY community seeking help.
(b)  Ross Guttler, CEO of the Open Center in New York City
(c)  Brett Cotter is a stress relief expert specializing in group facilitation, one -on-one coaching and instructional design.  He is the founder of and the author of The 3 Keys to Managing PTSD.

Ask Beatty –06.02.20


1.  Staying Safe and Sane in our new normal.  A checklist to see whether you actually are doing everything you can that is IN YOUR BEST INTEREST.
2.  My guest today is LISA CLAMPITT, Founder and President of LISA CLAMPITT MATCHMAKING and Founder and President of the MATCHMAKING INSTITUTE, the only matchmaking school in the world.  If you're tired of always ending up in dead-end relationships and fed up with swiping right or left, maybe it's time for you to consider an extraordinary matchmaker who can help you find lasting love.


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