Ask Beatty – 07.28.20


1.  Reminders to stay on a positive course, despite adversity.   Are you on board?

2.  KIM KARDASHIAN'S DILEMMA....What to do when a loved one with mental health issues refuses to get treatment?
3.  Reaching Out to Someone Who Is Having a Difficult Time..Do's and Don'ts
4.  The ABC's of Saying No to What Makes You Uncomfortable.

Ask Beatty – 07.21.20


1.  Depression, anxiety and suicide rates are up, exacerbated by the Pandemic.  Are you doing everything that is within your control to live your life to the fullest, despite the challenges? Listen to my commentary for some reminders that will help you to improve the quality of your life and your relationships.

2.  When Experts Let You Down and Deceive You.  These days, almost everyone calls themselves an expert.  How do you protect yourself from being scammed by people including doctors, lawyers, financial advisors and therapists?
3.  Is Your Therapist Helping or Harming:  How to Find a Therapist

Ask Beatty – 07.14.20


1.  Are you staying on a course that is in your best interest, or are you veering off?  It may be time to reevaluate your life, your relationships, your life choices, your career and  RESET!
                          BUYER BEWARE!

2.  My guest today is Ginny Brown, LCSW. a therapist, wife, mother of 4 and 'Mema" to 7 grandchildren.  She conducts a private mental health practice in Westown, New York and has provided training and clinical support as a Family Life Educator in the Tri-State Area.
 Following the death of her daughter Kirby at James Arthur Ray's self-help retreat in 2009, Ginny and her daughter Jean Brown wrote one of the most poignant and empowering books I have ever read,This Sweet Life:  How We Lived After Kirby Died.  It is a book about grievers, seekers and self-help professionals and is a MUST READ for everyone and anyone considering enrolling in a self-help seminar.
The family founded SEEK Safely, Inc., a 501 (c)3 charity to educate the public about self-help and promote safe and ethical practices in the industry.  As a result of the international coverage of this tragedy, she has been featured in numerous interviews and media productions in the US and the UK.
3.  Is Your Therapist Helpful or Harmful?  Read my published article and find out!


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