1.  During times of stress we often forget to DO things that are in our best interest.   Take my quiz and see if you are on track.
2.   What's REALLY happening in the world of philanthropy, benefits and volunteerism?  My guest today is my husband Jim Vrettos, a sociologist and host of The Radical Imagination on MNN Television.  I know you will find this conversation very illuminating! 
3.  Take my mental health check. 
To Life and Love,

Ask Beatty – (Dr. Fishel) 09.14.20


1.  Tools to help you destress in our new and ever-changing world.
2.  My guest today is Chiropractor Dr. Craig Fishel, Founder and Director of the Wellness Center of New York in Manhattan.   On a personal note, after seriously injuring myself on the tennis court a couple of monthss ago, I was referred to Dr. Fishel.  Miraculously, after a few visits,  I am good as new...even better.  Listen to all of the many ways that adjustments can improve both our physical and mental health.  His website is
To Life and Love and Keeping Ourselves Healthy, 


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