Ask Beatty - 11.23.20 - Charlotte Krasnoff


1.  Staying on a positive course...physically and emotionally.  How are you doing?  Are you willing to make the necessary changes to improve the quality of your life and relationships?  If not NOW..WHEN??

2.  My guest today is 90 year old psychotherapist Charlotte Krasnoff.  Charlotte was born during the Great Depression in 1930 in Ventnor, N.J.  She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1953 with both a BS and MSEd.  In 1965 she received her MSW from the University of Denver.  In 2004 she was named Social Worker of the Year for the State of Colorado .Her decades of life have spanned Franklin Roosevelt to the present day.  She recalls World War 11, the Cold War, Sputnik, above ground atomic testing, the Vietnam war, the Civil Right Movement, Martin Luther King, the death of John F. Kennedy and more.  She has experienced marriage, divorce, remarriage and widowhood.  Today Charlotte is drawn to exploring the meaning of life and zooming with friends.

Ask Beatty - 11.16.20


1.  Evidence based activities that are associated with better mental health.2.  Sexual Abuse and Pornography seem to be alive and well at ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH IN NEW YORK CITY.My guest today is Manuel Gomez, internationally renowned private detective extraordinaire, activist, author and star of the Emmy award winning film Crime + Punishment.  Manuel recently devised a piece of legislation, that would create a new state oversight of police departments and district attorneys offices throughout New York State. His  client Ashley, 22, was also to appear on today's show, but is feeling too traumatized  to talk publicly about the alleged abuse that she sustained at the hands of FATHER GEORGE WILLIAM RUTLER, the Pastor of the Church. You will hear how Ashley's employer and the  police did everything possible to convince Ashley not to press charges.   Fortunately, she has Manuel Gomez on her side to protect her and her legal rights and her own graphic recordings of the entire incident.To Life and Love and STANDING UP FOR JUSTICE.

Ask Beatty - 11.02.20 - Justice for KaLani


1.  Tips to keep ourselves safe and sane in an insane world.

2.  The election is a referendum on democracy and on America's Mental Health

3.  Justice for KaLani-   A Mother's Nightmare
     My guests today are: LAVINA RANSOM, mother of KaLani Uehara, who along with several of her classmates, was sexually harassed and assaulted by Military officials in a JROTC program at Albuquerque High School in New Mexico.  KalLani is currently wrongly imprisoned at the Cibola Correctional facility in Milan, New Mexico.


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