Ask Beatty – 01.29.19


1. Are you go about your days and nights, are you doing what is in your best interest or are you engaging in self-sabatoging and self-destructive behaviors? Your answers to my comments and questions may surprise you. 2. The Joy of Being a Woman in her 70's. NYT. BEATTY takes exception to the author's view about sex after 70 for women. 3. My guest today is Robin Gorman Newman, author of How to Meet a Mensch in NY. and How to Marry a Mensch, which received world-wide press. Her website is lovecoach. com. She is also the founder of RGN marketing. She is a Broadway producer and was nominated for THE GREAT COMET that starred Josh Groban. When she and her husband became parents in their 40's, she launched, which has been featured in Time magazine and USA Today. This is a not to be missed interview. TO LIFE AND LOVE, XXXXBEATTY