Ask Beatty – 03.26.19


1.  Are you ready to ask for help?
2.  Mindfulness...doing what is in your best interest. Are you onboard?
3.  My guests today are Arden Greenspan-Goldberg, a nationally known family and marriage psychotherapist,  specializing in parenting, pre-tween, tween, teen and young adult issues.  She is the author of WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?  SHE"S A TEENAGER, a must-read book for every mother and father who are trying to remain sane during the ups and downs of the  teenage years. Her book offers you a way to step back from the chaos, manage your worries  and cultivate a more open and less relationship with your daughter.  Her daughter Samara, a certified life coach and parenting educator in her own right is here with us as well to offer her own insights both as a daughter and coach.
To Life and Love, 

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