Ask Beatty – 05.04.20


1.  Are you continuing to do what is in your best interest?  Take my test and find out.
2.  My guest today is Chaim Steinberger, an extraordinary New York divorce attorney.  Chaim went through his own nasty divorce and said to himself, ''there's got to be a better way." He now dedicates his life to practicing that better way. Today's discussion dealt with the Perils of Pre-Nups.  According to Mr. Steinberger, having a Pre-Nup can create significant risk to pending nuptials and for many, provides no real benefit. 2/3 of people surveyed believe that a Pre-Nup would weaken their relationships and likely increase their chances for divorce.  However, he also believes that there are certain situations where Pre-Nups are absolutely necessary and advices couples to view them as 'loving plans for our marriage, "
Mr. Steinberger can be reached at 212-964-6100.  His website is
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