Ask Beatty – 11.05.18


1. Are you on a constructive or self destructive path? Take Beatty's test and find out. 2. A QUESTION FROM ONE OF MY LISTENERS. Should I throw away my memorabilia from a toxic marriage? 3. IS YOUR THERAPY AND THERAPIST HELPFUL OR HARMFUL? Seeking therapy can be one of the most important decisions an individual, couple or family can make in their life, with potential far -reaching consequences..both positive and negative. My guests today are 2 seasoned therapists Tracy Zboril, MSW and Cara Hewett, M.A. who are disconcerted with traditional psychotherapy and are Founders of the Soul Happy Tecnique. Tune in to an honest conversation about therapy. It is for anyone who is seeking therapy or who currently is in therapy. To Life and Love, XxxBeatty