Ask Beatty – 11.05.19


1..Ask yourself as you go about your days whether you are being good and kind to yourself or whether you are engaging in destructive and self sabotaging behavior Your answers may surprise you. Are you willing to make the necessary changes? If not..why not? And if not now...When?

2. My guest today was Chaim Steinberger, a divorce attorney, Chair, ABA Family Law Section Custody Committee and author of Divorce Without Destruction and Father? What Father? Parental Alienation and Its Effects on Children. Unlike many divorce attorneys who relish conflict, Mr. Steinberger is committed to Divorce Without Destruction. His Divorce Without Destruction program is being used as a model throughout the country.

Tune in and listen to his novel approach and learn how his clients get divorced in a healing rather than in a destructive way. Mr. Steinberger also discused the differences between good lawyers and great lawyers and how you too can avoid the pitfalls of common divorce scenarios.

You will hear ideas that you likely have never thought of before, which might just alter the course of your life forever.

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