Ask Beatty – 11.12.18


1.  Are you taking care of yourself? DO'S AND DON'TS .

2.  News You  Can Use.
3.  The Power of Being a Woman in Today's World. The #MeToo Social Movement.   See what we have already accomplished. 
My guest today is Cheryl Benton, aka the 'head tomato', founder and publisher of Three Tomatoes,  a digital lifestyle media platform for 'women who aren't kids'. Her first novel, 'Can You  See Us Now,  is a Sex in the City-like tale for mature audiences. The message is that women of a certain age are not invisible, but rather are relevant, viable, sexual, powerful and are doing important things.   Her most recent book is Martini Wisdom and Other Midlife Musings, which she co-wrote with her daughter Roni Jenkin.
To Life and Love and Living Life to the Fullest,