Ask Beatty – 2.17.20


1.  Living, Loving, Lifestyle?  Are you doing what is in your best interest?  Beatty's weekly reminders. 
2.  My guest today is Denise Brown, who became an activist against domestic violence after her sister Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were brutally murdered by her former husband OJ Simpson on June 12th 1994. Tragically, OJ was acquitted on 2 counts of murder on October 3rd 1995.  A murderer walks!
Denise is co-founder and President of the Nicole Brown Foundation, which her father helped to establish in 1994.  Denise has helped raise funds for local and national shelters.   One of her most important projects was lobbying on behalf of the Violence Against Women Act.  After her testimony,  that portion of the bill's funding was increased from 18 million to 32 million dollars.   Denise has also assisted in the success of a major victim notification program, where victims of domestic violence are notified when their abusers are released from jail.
However, despite educators efforts, domestic violence statistics continue to soar. Funding continues  to be a problem and the majority of schools have not prioritized relationship education. 
Listen to BEATTY and DENISE'S analysis of the problem  and more importantly, what to do moving forward.
To Life and Love and Healthy Relationships, 

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